Excruciating. Insane. Delirious

Tottenham Hotspur’s progression to the Champions League semi-finals on Wednesday night at the Etihad Stadium was the craziest and most emotive game of football I’ve ever seen.

A 4-3 defeat to Manchester City sets us up to play Ajax in the next round after a rollercoaster.

There is no point in describing what happened as every Tottenham fan worth their salt already knows that.

But, in coming hours and days there will be plenty of discussion over VAR and its merits – Spurs supporters need to forget about all that.

The fact that matters most is Tottenham stood up and were counted on the biggest stage, against all the odds.

Our best striker and most-creative midfielder were injured. We conceded in the first few minutes. Moussa Sissoko went off injured and we were down to our bare bones. City were 4-2 up and going through.

But, we still found a way to get the job done.

That takes some guts.

I propose that the term ‘being Spursy’ now is changed to showing unbelievable character, grit and fortitude against all the odds.

Mauricio Pochettino is a master of his craft and deserves so much credit for this achievement.

I’m on cloud nine and delirious with joy after watching a game that can be described as insane, excruciating, spellbinding – but ultimately it’s delirium that is the overarching emotion.

Come. On. You. Spurs.