Forget Man United: Pochettino will stay to lead Tottenham to glory

I am of the firm opinion that Mauricio Pochettino will stay and lead Tottenham to glory.

It seems that you can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or television, without hearing a pundit or journalist state, like it is a matter of fact, that the Spurs manager will join Manchester United in the summer.

I have several contacts at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and they too are of the same opinion.

They are all convinced that Pochettino will not resign next summer to go to United or in fact anywhere else.

Pochettino is perhaps the most-wanted manager in Europe at the moment; his stock is very high within football’s top teams.

He can have the pick of clubs around the world.

The amiable Argentinean Pochettino is a loyal man, driven by principles and motivated by his own goals – anybody who has read the excellent “Brave New World” will understand that he is inspired by his philosophy and project and is not just chasing the money and fame.

I believe that he wants to finish what he started at Tottenham by winning a trophy – and not just any trophy.

Pochettino, though he may not care to admit it, has his eyes set on winning the English Premier League and/or the Champions League with Spurs.

Tottenham are due to move into a state-of-the-art new stadium, have a training ground envied by the rest of the footballing world and a host of young talented youth players.

These are some of the keys to Pochettino’s philosophy.

His relationship with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is very close – so close that they spend time together away from football.

His style of management is suited to developing teams and young players – would he get the time to do this at United?

Pochettino is not the kind of manager that believes in buying all the best talent, in fact, it goes against his own footballing ethos.

This is not to say he does not want Levy to invest more money into his current Tottenham team.

I am sure he will be pushing the chairman hard to back him in January, even if it is a complex and difficult transfer window to acquire the best players.

Pochettino is all about the Tottenham group and has no time for egos; he soon rooted out and moved on any players that caused him any issues in his early days the club.

How would this pan out at United, where some player egos are forever looking for public adulation through the media?

Everything points to Pochettino staying for at least the next 18 months at least, if not longer.

There are other clubs, though it may be difficult for the English press to understand, that Pochettino would be better suited too and would prefer to join.

The biggest danger for Levy is if the magical Pochettino does lead Tottenham to glory – then, and only then, do I believe the Spurs boss may look for pastures new.