It is vital Tottenham keep this resurgent star fit for the rest of the season

Could a resurgent Danny Rose be the difference between success and failure this season for Tottenham?

Anybody who witnessed the England international left-back’s performances against Barcelona and Arsenal would think that he could.

Rose was dynamic and driven, foraging forward at every opportunity. The Tottenham defender created space for players further forward with his penetrating and endless runs.

The Spurs wideman was resolute and determined in defence, leading and inspiring those around him to successful outcomes at both the Camp Nou and Emirates, with two fantastic displays.

This was a Rose full of passion and drive and free from injury, something the Tottenham faithful have not seen over the last 18 months.

Rose at his very best adds aggression to the Spurs defence and stretches his opponents with his boundless energy and non-stop running.

For the first time, he has been free from injury for a sustained period and carefully managed by Mauricio Pochettino.

The Tottenham boss, it seems, is the master at easing players back from the sidelines to ensure they get back to their best and deliver the maximum performance.

There can be little doubt that Rose is not just a key player for Spurs but that he adds something the other full-backs don’t or can’t.

His pace and delivery creates problems that other teams struggle to cope with and creates space for Tottenham’s playmakers and forwards.

The England man is vital for quick swift counters from the back and for his overlapping runs.

Defensively, although prone to losing his man, his aggression, pace and physicality give Tottenham more protection against fast dynamic forwards.

If the former Leeds youth team player can stay clear of injury, he could make a real difference, both in attack and defence.

Tottenham’s best performances in the Pochettino era have often come when Rose at been at his flying best.

Keeping a resurgent Rose fit between now and the end of the season could be the difference between glory and failure.