Tottenham fans shouldn’t be worried by latest comments from Eriksen or Alli

Success is an enviable trait and football is a competitive business – hence the endless speculation over the futures of Tottenham Hotspur’s football players.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side were the most enterprising, expansive side in the Premier League in 2016-17 and boast a raft of international young stars with the game at their feet.

As such, there is undoubtedly interest in some of Tottenham’s stars, with the media perpetuating the feeling that players at the North London club will leave this summer.

While there is every chance that Kyle Walker could be sold, Spurs fans should not be worried about the futures of the rest of their first-team stars.

The media are quick to twist certain players’ comments and add to the collective sentiment that Tottenham could lose their stars – which is simply not true.

Christian Eriksen recent told Danish media that he would find it hard to turn down an approach from Barcelona – but this was when he was cornered by press that are obsessed by one of their countrymen playing for the famous Catalan club.

Of course players want to play for a team like Barcelona – star men at Chelsea, Manchester City or Liverpool would have said the same if pushed repeatedly by the press.

Dele Alli has been interviewed while on international duty with England, with his comments on Tottenham sure to be twisted with headlines of ‘Tottenham star won’t rule out exit’ etc etc etc.

Here is what the Spurs man actually said.

“People get too worried about where they are going to end up sometimes, then lose focus on the journey and don’t enjoy it,” The Guardian quote Alli as saying.

“I’m signed to Tottenham and I’m enjoying it. “Who knows where I am going to end up, whether I stay at Tottenham for the rest of my career or if I do happen to go somewhere else.

“I’m sure if it happens, if I do go somewhere else, it will be at a time when I think that’s what’s needed. But I am just looking forward to enjoying the journey.”

How many professional footballers come out and say ‘Yes, I am going to be with my current club until I retire’?


Tottenham are in an excellent situation that the majority of their best players are signed up to long-term contracts, the club is in the Champions League and there is a bright future ahead.

As such, while speculation over the futures of Alli and Eriksen is undoubtedly frustrating, it should all be taken with a pinch of salt and categorised as a consequence of Tottenham’s success in the last two seasons.